4 Ways to Create Content for your Website Besides Writing Articles

I’m a big fan of the idea that because we’re all unique, our businesses can (and should!) be unique too. But what about the need to create website content?

Without content, your audience would have no reason to come to your site. And without an audience, you don’t have a way to make money… so what do you do if you’re not the most gifted writer in the world?

There are definitely a lot of ways to create content for your website, and a lot of it can be reused in multiple places, so you’re not going to have to reuse 


I LOVE doing videos for my audience, although I haven’t done as many recently as I’d like to. Videos can be shared on Youtube or Facebook (in a group or on your business page). 

Once you’ve finished the video, on Facebook you can download it to your computer and upload it to a Youtube channel, or directly to your website for viewers. 

Youtube videos can be easily shared directly on Pinterest, which is a great source of traffic! 

Create an Video-Based Online Course

Okay, so yes I realize that technically, you’re still creating videos here too, but creating a course is completely than creating one-off videos, which is why I listed it separately. 

Creating an online course doesn’t have to have lots of text, or almost any at all. I bought a Facebook marketing course back before I knew how to manage Facebook groups for $1,500. Each lesson included a video and a workbook, with no written lesson at all and I got TONS of use out of it. 

You can also create free courses, like some of the ones we offer here. I tend to have more text in my courses, because I enjoy writing, but my course Pinterest 101. 


Affiliate Marketing 101 for women who want to become affiliate marketers that make great money from home on their own time! 

Heal Your Business Mindset for women who want to create a profitable business, but are too scared, or have mental blocks holding them back from achieving success. 

Craft Your First Offer for women who want to become virtual assistants and don’t know where to start.

Record a Podcast

If you love to talk, and writing isn’t your thing, use your gift of gab to make content you can share on social media, in your email newsletter, and wherever else your audience hangs out. 

Create graphics 

Never underestimate the power of beautiful, and useful images to attract your audience. Websites like Design Seeds use almost nothing but images to attract their audience! 

What’s great about using graphics as your website content is that they are naturally going to do well on social media, so you don’t have to create tons of new content to be able easily on social media. 


I hope you enjoyed my ideas and suggestions, I would love to hear if you have more ideas, I would love to add them to the post! I always respond to each comment, so don’t be shy!  

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