Money mindset vs tactical action in business: which is more important?

A trend I’ve been seeing recently in the space of women entrepreneurs who are becoming aware of things like money and success blocks, and their impact on your ability to create an amazing business, and it’s actually driving me a bit crazy.

There seems to be this idea that your money mindset is more important than your tactical actions in business. I see posts on blogs, Facebook, and Instagram all the time that say things like:

  • Write your new moon intentions to bring abundance to your business!
  • Burn an abundance candle and use this essential oil to bring more money in!

Okay y’all. Now, I LOVE burning some candles, and it’s no secret that I am actually obsessed with essential oils. I do pay attention to the lunar cycles, because I believe they can play a big part in how we feel and are able to work. But…. that being said… there’s no replacement for good, old fashioned, tactical action in your business.

What exactly is tactical action?

Before I get ahead of myself, let’s talk about what exactly tactical action is. Tactical action is basically, getting shit done in your business in a smart way. This doesn’t mean staying busy simply for the purpose of being busy. It doesn’t mean doing “mindset work” instead of doing actual stuff that’s going to work to bring in real world money. Here are some examples:

  • Writing emails to your email subscribers
  • Setting up your website, or optimizing it
  • Writing blog posts
  • Creating genuine social media posts to interact with your audience

Those kinds of things are tactical actions.

But, is your money mindset important?

YES! Your money mindset is really important, because your mindset works hand in hand to

If your money mindset is riddled with money blocks, the actions you take may not be the best. Here are some examples:

  • If you believe that if you make more money than your spouse that your marriage will fall apart, then you probably won’t try to hit your biggest potential. (Yes, I had this money block, because my business almost did destroy my marriage!)
  • If your money blocks tell you that making money effortlessly is wrong because it’s lazy, then you’ll probably sabotage yourself out of creating effective passive income streams.
  • If you think that people who are rich aren’t as happy as poor people, then do you think that your business is going to succeed?

If you’ve got money blocks that have taken over your money mindset, then you’ll probably always struggle to have a healthy relationship with money, and if your relationship with money sucks, then obviously your business is going to suffer for it!

So, which one is more important?

If you don’t take tactical action, it’s like not having the keys to start your car. But, having a healthy money mindset is like doing regular maintenance on your car. If you never change the oil or replace broken or faulty parts, your car is going to have serious problems that keep you from going anywhere.

So yeah, you should definitely work on your business mindset, but also don’t forget to take action on your business as you

Woo-woo stuff is not a substitute for action in your business, girlfriend!

But… how do I start to identify my big money blocks? 😳

The easiest way to start to identify money blocks in your life is to learn your Sacred Money Archetype, which is the best place to start. Knowing your money archetype will reveal your core beliefs about money, your strengths with it, and your areas of struggle that are probably recurring in your life. 

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