What services should you offer to clients?

There are lots of things you can call yourself when you offer one on one services to others – a virtual assistant, coach, freelancer, consultant… but what you call yourself is a lot less important than the services you offer to your clients. I’ve been spending some time talking recently about the best ways you can build your virtual assistant business (you can see all the articles about having a virtual assistant business here). That’s been a big hit in places like our Facebook group, but I know that it’s easy to get excited and motivated about becoming a virtual assistant, then not having any idea of what you would do for people. You’re all excited and pumped up, but kinda left saying, “Well, what now?”

Passion + Skills + Knowledge = the best offer EVER

The formula for the best offer ever combines all the best parts of yourself, your skills, knowledge and passions and puts them in a monetizeable package for you to offer to a client.

1.List your skills and knowledge

First, you’ve got to know where you stand with your skill set. If you excel in an area, write it down! I’m going to go through these exercises as I tell tell you about them, so you have an idea of how it’s done in the real world. Here’s a piece of my skills and knowledge list. I would use two columns to keep the skills and knowledge separate, but I’ll just combine them here.

  • skill: Blogging / Writing
  • skill: Teaching / Talking
  • knowledge: WordPress
  • knowledge: Pinterest marketing
  • knowledge: Digital publishing

Those are some of my skill sets and areas where I have a lot of knowledge, which could be really useful to a client. Once you know your areas where you have skills, you move on to your areas of interest.

2. List your passions and obsessions

In order to make a living using a skill set, you’ve got to have some passion about what you’re going. For example, Pinterest marketing is something I’m good at, but using Pinterest as a user is something I’m obsessed with. Even when I’m burned out working with other people and answering questions about Pinterest, I blow off steam by Pinning things – because I love doing it. So, list out the things you’re passionate about and obsessed with. Some of them may be business related, others of them may not be, Just list them and see what you come up with! Here are mine:

  • Pinterest
  • Inspiration (for myself, and others!)
  • Self improvement
  • Creating financial independence

Of course, this little list is just a slice of the things I would write, but you get the idea!

3. Mix and Match

Once you’re done filling out everything you can think of, it’s time to start seeing where your areas compliment each other and overlap. These are areas where you can combine easily to make products that make sense, and also represent areas where you might be able to have multiple offerings.

  • Blogging + Pinterest = Pinterest marketing for bloggers
  • Teaching / Talking + Inspiration = inspirational business coaching
  • Teaching / Talking + Creating Financial Independence = coaching entrepreneurs on how to be financially independent
  • Digital Publishing + Teaching / Talking = coaching digital publishers

Mixing and matching your different areas can allow you to come up with some crazy awesome ways to make money that you never would have thought of before. Actually, this exercise is what’s lead to all of my product creation – this is something I do every time I think about making a new product – I look at this exercise and see how it serves my audience by helping me work within my skills, interests, and knowledge so I can provide amazing value for them, while being true to myself so I can maintain it long-term.

If you want to learn more about how to start your business as a virtual assistant, this is the time! I would love to help you with my awesome, bite-sized class, Create Your Offer, where I’ll show you how to create the perfect offer for your clients and yourself, and get you on your way to having your first paying client!

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