I am a lover of all things blogging. My obsession passion for helping new bloggers and entrepreneurs was what lead me to launch this blog instead of sticking with my other blog where I focus on homemaking and occasionally mentioned business things. So, naturally I try to go out of my way to try to do everything I can to make my blog a safe place where new bloggers can come and know they’ll always get the whole truth and not a bunch of marketing and hype just so I can make a few quick bucks off them.

How to tell if a blogger recommending Bluehost is scamming you

There are many bloggers who use Bluehost, and the ones that do are great people. When I worked primarily as a virtual assistant and WordPress techie, I moved more people away from Bluehost than any other single host because their hosting is unreliable.

If a blogger is recommending that you use Bluehost, I highly recommend you check out where they host their site before you read too much further into their posts. Checking out where a blogger hosts their website is ridiculously easy and takes no time. Go to Who is Hosting This? and type in their website’s URL. If they are telling you how much you should use BlueHost and don’t tell you they’re using another host, then I would seriously question their integrity.

I personally, don’t believe in recommending any services or products you don’t use, especially if you don’t tell your readers. There are a few times I’ve recommended things here on the blog that I have heard good things about but don’t use myself, but I always make sure you know when that happens.

If Bluehost is so bad, who should bloggers use for their hosting?

I can only recommend one host. They are who I recommend to my many clients, and they are the only host I use for my websites. Before I tell you who they are, let me talk about why.

  • they aren’t cheap, but they are reliable and not overpriced
  • their customer service always goes above and beyond to help people, techies and non-techies alike
  • I have used GoDaddy to setup more than three dozen domains and hosting plans for clients, and I have yet to have a problem they would not help with, even if it technically wasn’t in their job description

So, who is this amazing hosting company? Godaddy – and just to prove that I am not sharing this with you for an affiliate payout, my link is just a plain old link with no commissions for me whatsoever. Http://www.godaddy.com  

Understanding why bloggers recommend BlueHost

When you’re looking into the reasons behind why so many bloggers recommend BlueHost, it’s not easy to see.

  1. They are cheap, so they’re an easy sell – it’s easier to get a mom who is on a budget to buy a cheap hosting plan than it is to get her to buy something $15 a month more expensive.
  2. They have high commissions – relative to other companies in the industry, BlueHost offers a great commission.
  3. They’re out to make money off you – there are two kinds of bloggers. There are bloggers with integrity and bloggers without it. Bloggers who are pushing BlueHost when they don’t use it (and don’t tell you that) aren’t the good kind.

I’m not a perfect blogger. Not by a long shot. If this is the first time being here on the blog, I’m not usually someone who blogs a lot about negativity, but it really rubs me the wrong way when I see bloggers taking advantage of newbies because they want to make a quick few bucks. That isn’t okay.

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  1. Brianna Nash @ MommaWorksToo

    I find it interesting that you’ve moved many people away from Bluehost due to them being unreliable. I’ve been with Bluehost for about…. 5 years now and have yet to have an issue (maybe I’m just not important enough lol). But, I have had clients that used GoDaddy and I absolutely detested dealing with GoDaddy at all and was constantly in the cPanel fixing their Php settings or figuring out why their memory was overused or why they were maxing out things on their site that I never had issues with myself.

    I both use and recommend Bluehost, but only because I haven’t had issues. It’s interesting to hear someone that has had issues though. I also recommend WP Engine though, because I know that once a site gets too big it can bog down Bluehost’s server and unless you’re on your own private server it can make your site slow. So, I recommend WP Engine because their capabilities far surpass Bluehost’s capabilities. And I say that too to be fair to those reading.

    • ChristinaRRoot

      Yeah a lot of people have had different experiences, and I certainly don’t knock entrepreneurs who use Bluehost and love it – to each their own! 😀

      My issue is when people take advantage of aspiring bloggers by taking advantage of BlueHost’s very high referral rates and not disclosing that they don’t actually use Bluehost… many of these bigger bloggers don’t use Bluehost because of the reliability issues when you have significant traffic coming in, but have no problem raking in the commissions for a product they don’t use. That’s not okay to me.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment – and btw, you’re right, WP Engine is a good platform. Very expensive, but reliable at least!


  2. Susan Velez


    I personally think everyone is different when it comes to dealing with finding a hosting account they love. I work as a WordPress freelancer and I’ve had clients hosted on GoDaddy.

    Personally, I hate GoDaddy hosting. I’ve dealt with so many clients who have been hacked while being hosted on Godaddy. Not sure if it’s a GoDaddy thing or not.

    Plus I hate dealing with GoDaddy hosting. Just not as easy as some other hosting accounts.

    I’ve used HostGator, WP Engine and SiteGround for clients. Personally, I use SiteGround for my own site and I love it.

    I also love WP Engine and you’re definitely correct. It’s a great hosting account for WordPress sites that get bigger. It costs more, but the support is amazing.

    Not to mention that it’s extremely easy to use and work with. I love working on my client’s sites that are hosted with WP Engine.

    I think that most people get started with Bluehost because it’s cheap. I don’t have an issue with someone recommending it. I’ve heard a lot of good and bad stories from Bluehost.

    I used them way before they became an EIG company and was pretty happy with them. I don’t use them now and wouldn’t.

    Of course, everyone is going to want to use whoever they want to use.

    Thanks for sharing this with us and I’m glad you’re happy with GoDaddy.

    Have a great day 🙂


  3. Amy

    I haven’t had any problems with Bluehost, but I do wish I’d seen this a few months ago. I went with them because of all the recommendations…

    • ChristinaRRoot

      Yeah. :'( It’s sad that so many bloggers take advantage of people who don’t know better. It’s often fine if you have a small blog, it’s when you get a lot of traffic that you have issues.

  4. mouna

    Hello..Thank you so much for this article I love your honesty and I will do the same ….It is good to think all the time with the win win strategy …..for now I’m working and coding my blog so definitely I will need to choose a host provider …so your words help a lot especially the https://www.whoishostingthis.com/ website …I’m happy to know that such website exist…Thank you so much

    • Christina Root

      Yes, that is a fun little site to check the integrity of bloggers and see who they are actually using. 🙂

  5. VICKI

    Great to know. I personally do not use Bluehost, but I have seen so many posts promoting it. I am fortunate enough that I have good friends who have their own server and I host my blog through them. Great thing about it is that they are reliable, and when I have issues I can just send them a text or call them.

  6. Bee

    I use bluehost and have had nothing but stellar performance from them for the last few years with various websites that I have in my hosting space and customer service second to none.
    I didn’t use any affiliate links from blogs though to chose them, just did lots of checking out reviews and so on.
    That said, traffic to my sites is very small (and I wouldn’t expect it to be high).
    Having had a couple of different hosting services disappear overnight along with my websites in the past (always always backup to your own computer), it’s nice to have a reliable 99.9%+ uptime host.

    • Christina Root

      Yes, I don’t doubt you have had a good experience with them. The issue, though, as stated in the article is “bloggers taking advantage of newbies because they want to make a quick few bucks. That isn’t okay.”


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