What is always true about money for you?

There’s a reason why I talk about your relationship with money like it’s a person, instead of just a tool. How you do money is how you do everything, but your partnership with money also effects every other area of your life. 

One of the phrases you’ll hear around my house if you spend any time with my family is Money gives you options

  • You want to change the world? Having more money gives you more ways to do that. 
  • Love to work? Having money gives you the option to choose the where, when and how you work
  • Want to have the freedom to travel? Money makes that easy! 

Having money empowers you to make the choices you want and to honor whatever it is you value. For me, that looks like having money to grow our own organic produce and raise our own organic meat so I know what my family is eating isn’t filled with chemicals and hormones. 

Just like a person that’s in your life, you’re probably in a comfortable pattern with money in your life. Maybe it isn’t perfect, but it’s familiar. You know how money shows up for you. 

Even if you aren’t where you want to be financially, money and abundance is still showing up for you how it always has! Acknowledging the positive patterns in your life is so important, as it gives you the foundations to know how money is taking care of you. 

When I work with clients in my money relationship program Abundance: Unlocked, one of the things I always ask them is, “What is something you’re grateful for with money, and how is it always true for you?” 

Their answers usually start off with things like, “I always have money for…” or “I always have the [something] that I need.” 

There are no right or wrong answers here. You could say “I always have enough toilet paper.” and I wouldn’t judge. I’ve heard some amazing ones! 

So, I challenge you to start building on your money foundation today and to ask yourself the same question. 

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What’s something that you’re always grateful for with money?

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