Hacks for Content Creators Who Don’t Love to Write

One of the things I love about our Facebook community is that it exposes me to questions and issues that I never would have dealt with on my own, and it helps me be a better teacher because I can help with issues I never would have even imagined were a struggle for most people. 

For example, I’m a gifted writer. Words are kind of my thing, so when one of our Boss BABEs from the group asked me (with an air of desperation and discouragement) recently how she could possibly have a website if they didn’t want to write all the content for a website, I was a little surprised. 

I know of course that not everyone has the gift of writing easily, but what would those people do if they wanted to have a website filled with useful content? So, I thought about all the least-writing ways I generate my content here, and put them together for those of you out there who don’t want to become writers, but want to share content! 

Use your non-written content as an outline

If you have a podcast or video, you can post it directly on your website with a brief one-paragraph introduction, or you can use the video/audio to create your written content. You don’t need to be a gifted writer to type out what you’ve already written and edit it a bit.

Make list posts

Never underestimate the power of lists. If you’ve ever read a Buzzfeed article, you’ll know you don’t need tons of texts to make list-style articles.

  • Resources
  • Gift Guides
  • Tips

Create a handy checklist

Rather than trying to write out every step of a process inside of a wordy article, try making a resource like a checklist to explain something to your audience.

You can also create double the content by making a video demonstrating how you use the checklist. This makes it even more useful for your audience, adds a personal touch, and gives you something else to share on social media!

Make a quiz

love making quizzes for my audience, and adding quizzes made a huge difference in the number of emails we collected since we started using them.

Quizzes are great because you can make them fun and informative, plus people love to share their results, making word of mouth an even more likely source of traffic referrals for you. 

Use talk-to-text

On an iPhone or an Android phone, you can talk into your phone and have your phone transcribe your spoken words into a note on your phone. Instead of writing out everything you want to say, it can be easier to talk to your phone like you are talking to a friend, then just edit and format your content into something useable for social media, your website, email marketing, or wherever you need text! 

When I am very busy and have a lot of content to create, I use this method because it’s fast, and it’s easy to use your “real” voice and add your personality into what you’re writing (or, not writing, as the case may be). 


I know the thought of having to write a bunch of stuff can be intimidating if you’re not a gifted writer naturally, so I hope these tips help you! If you know of any more, please share them below in a comment and I’ll add it to the blog post so everyone can benefit from it! 


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