Handling organization when you’re depressed

So, recently I started having some pretty intense struggles with depression. I haven’t had a problems like that with depression in several years, so it took me a little bit by surprise. But, I learned a lot of myself during the process, and ultimately now them on the other side of it I’m really actually glad that it went through. Looking at my house, and the physical things in my life, through the lens of crippling depression really helped me see where there were a lot of areas that needed improvement.

When you’re struggling every day with the basics, and when so much stuff in life just seems unimportant, it’s a lot easier to evaluate if the things in your life really matter. During my recent depressive episode, I started to look around my house and realized that there were lots of things in my home that just didn’t fit the life that I wanted, much less the life that I actually had. For example, one of the things that I had been holding onto was baby clothes, even though even I have decided that we don’t want any more children.

Little things like that really add up when it comes to your physical space. And, while I hope that you don’t struggle with depression like I do, I hope that you can learn from what I went through. Here were the questions that I asked myself as I was going through my house while dealing with depression.

  • Do I actually find value in this item, or am I holding onto it out of fear? 
  • If I’m holding onto it out of fear, then what do I need to do to replace that fear? 
  • What specifically am I afraid of? 
  • How are the things I’m holding on to telling the Universe that I’m not ready for the life I say I want? 

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