The Easy Journaling Trick to Help You Maintain New Habits

Making new habits can be hard. Really hard. 

It’s something I’ve been working on actively recently – replacing old habits with new ones. Habitual eating is one of the big ones I work hard against in the evenings. 

What started off as one page in my planner has evolved into a new habit that’s helped me stay the course when I’m not motivated to keep up on toward positive changes. It all started one day when I was hardcore wanting to binge eat because I felt emotional – which was against every goal I was working towards, but especially harmful for my body. 

So, one day when all I wanted was a bag of Smartfood Popcorn to binge on, I got out my bullet journal and started writing out every reason I wanted to make healthy choices around what I do to my body– including what I feed it! On that page, I wrote out every single reason, big and small, why I wanted to be healthier. Some of the things are serious, like wanting to be around for my kids and not being morbidly obese. Some of them are superficial, but also important to me, like feeling good in a certain style of bathing suit. Some of the reasons were embarrassing – like the fact that I’d gotten too fat to wear my wedding rings, and I never wanted that to be a problem again. 

I wrote out every single thing that was a big or small reason to keep on the right path, and it was awesome!

This was a truly game-changing exercise because I really wanted to be healthy, but I’d lost my perspective. Once I could keep all my “whys” in front of me, I knew that my temporary craving wasn’t that big of a deal, compared to the things I’d wanted for myself – sometimes for years! 

Make your own “why” list

Okay so firstly that just act of making a list can be really useful for your motivation. Seeing all of the good stuff that’s going to come to you when you don’t fall off the wagon is a motivator in and of itself. But, once you’ve got the list made it super easy to use it. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or feeling like you’re going to relapse into your negative old habits, that’s when you pull out the list.

What I found is that just seeing the list reminds me of all of the wonderful feelings I was getting just writing the list, but, pulling out the list isn’t enough. The list will really starts to make an impact when you read it out loud to yourself. Yup – you read that right. Read it out loud like a crazy person.

Usually, by the time I’ve gotten about a the way through the list I’m over the impulse to revert back to my bad habits I don’t like failing, but what I really hate is missing out of the stuff that I want and even people that I mentor thru my business. By seeing the ripple effect that my positive habits are going to be making, it creates huge motivation to keep on doing what you know you want to be doing, even if it’s hard right then at that moment. 


Discuss with the community!

If you’ve done this exercise and filled a page with as many positive things that will come from your new habit, or hitting a big goal, tell me some of the zingers on your list! 

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