What’s “money mindset” – and why does it matter?

As a certified money mindset coach, I’ve done a lot of work to understand how our mindset creates our reality. I used to think that “mindset” stuff was neat, but kind of a placebo effect, but I’ve learned better. 

Research all over the place shows how the things we say and the thoughts we dwell on change our entire body chemistry and our actions, which in turn not only changes our lives externally, but even helps determine our health. So – your money mindset is really important! 

What’s exactly does “money mindset” even mean?

Your relationship with money is the most intimate relationship you’ll ever have – more than with any person. I do know how crazy that sounds, but hear me out. 

Money’s been around since you were born. Its absence may have been felt from a young age if you grew up poor, or its abundance may have been commonplace if you grew up wealthy. Money affects what you eat, wear, where you live, who you live near, where you work and how many hours you needed to work to survive… money touches everything. Money is always there.

Your money mindset is simply how you think about, interact with, and feel about money.  

And since money touches everything you do, that relationship is pretty damn important. 

Why your money mindset? Why not just mindset?

Your money mindset is critical because how you do money is how you do everything.  There’s nothing wrong with talking about your mindset in a general sense (it’s not bad or wrong!) but when one area changes the 

Plus, being a money mindset coach, I’m just a wee bit biased. ?

Why is it important?

The other reason it’s important is that money gives you options. If you’re constantly rejecting money because you think liking what it gives you is evil… that’s going to affect things logistically for you. If you want a particular kind of life, but struggle with overspending in areas that don’t support your life choices,  same issue! Money makes things happen: 

  • Want to be a billionaire playboy philanthropist? You’ll need money to do that.
  • Want to solve world hunger? You need money to get that food, and get it where it needs to be!  

Whatever your dreams are, money gives you the options to choose the life you want. I call that process creating your ideal life, but call it whatever you want. 

What do you need to have a good mindset?

Okay, so accepting the idea that a health mindset is critical, how do you do it?

  • healthy boundaries around how you make and spend money
  • having positive and honest core beliefs about money 
  • becoming comfortable with growth and change to new ways, and uncomfortable with stagnation and regressing to old unhealthy behaviors

What isn’t necessary for a healthy money mindset 

There are lots of ideas floating around that people think make you “good with money” that have nothing to do with your money relationship. 

  • following a certain money plan or budgeting style
  • living an especially frugal or extravagant  lifestyle 
  • thinking that people are good or bad because of their financial state (being “too rich” or “too poor”)

If you want to work on your money mindset and how you can use it organize the rest your life, you can join the club below – stick your email in and I’ll shoot you a link, or go here to access it directly


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